A worm is a long creature with no legs or backbone. More loosely, insect larvae and even some adult insects are sometimes called worms. Figuratively, a worthless, despicable person can be called a worm. In its plural form, worms is a medical disorder caused by worms living in the intestines of humans or animals. As a verb, to worm means ‘to creep, crawl or move slowly into or through a small or tight place’ or ‘to cause to move stealthily.’ Worm also means ‘to free from worms,’ if we are talking about either humans or animals.

Example sentences

Words often used with worm

worm your way into: get into a position or situation by indirect and devious means. Example: “The con man had managed to worm his way into Lucy’s affections.”

worm your way out of: get out of difficulty in a dishonest or devious way. Example: “Somehow my brother always manages to worm his way out of trouble.”

Additional information

Another meaning of worm is ‘snake or dragon.’ This meaning is archaic, but you might come across it in older literature.

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