You might already know that if something is fresh, it is newly made, not previously known, or recently arrived. It can also mean ‘additional or further.’ If we are talking about water, it means ‘not salty,’ and if we are talking about food, ‘recently harvested’ or ‘not spoiled or stale.’ We also use fresh to describe something that is pure or refreshing, vigorous, or not faded or worn. Informally, but now rather dated, fresh means ‘rude or impolite.’

Example sentences

Did you know?

fresh start is when you start something all over again, forgetting about anything that has gone before. You can talk about making a fresh start on something in particular, but more generally, you talk about making a fresh start when you are making quite fundamental changes to your life. For example, you might say, “There were too many bad memories in his home town, so Tyler decided to move away and make a fresh start in a new city.” Of course, making a fresh start is something people frequently decide to do, in some way, at New Year. People often make resolutions about things that they want to do or to stop doing. So, you might say, “My diet has been terrible this year, but I’m going to make a fresh start in the New Year and only eat healthy food.”

Other forms

freshness (noun), freshly (adverb), afresh (adverb)

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