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To blend means ‘to mix two or more things smoothly‘ or ‘to combine in a really nice way.’ It also means ‘to have no separation that can be easily seen.’ As a noun, you might have heard the word blend in wines or teas; this is because blend means ‘a mixture produced by blending.’

Example sentences

Additional information

In linguistics, a blend is a word made up of a combination of two words, like brunch, which is made up of breakfast and lunch. Words like this are also called portmanteau words.

Did you know?

blender is a common kitchen appliance. It is the tall, motorized machine that you can use to make juice, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. There is also a similar appliance called a stick blender, or immersion blender, which has a similar effect but is much smaller and can be held in the hand and immersed, or put, into the thing you are blending.

Other forms

blender (noun)


Blend, meaning ‘to mix something until the parts become indistinguishable’ or ‘to stir a liquid,’ dates back to around the year 1300, in the form of the Middle English verb blenden. Its origin is uncertain. Some linguists think that it evolved from the Old English blendan or blondan (to mix), while others think it came into English from the (related) Old Norse blanda (to mix). It’s possible that it evolved as a combination of both.

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